Climate Chaplain Training

and Certification Program

There are four Areas of Excellence that need to be mastered in order to become an effective Climate Chaplain. The Humanist Chaplaincy will provide certification to candidates who demonstrate excellence in all four areas. The four Areas of Excellence are 1) Educating about Climate Justice; 2) Supporting climate activists on the front line; 3) Providing emotional and spiritual support to people and communities most affected by climate change, especially black, brown, poor, and indigenous peoples, and 4) Proposing and implementing a Demonstration Project that shows integration of skills and a plan for continuous involvement in the climate change movement going forward.

Area of Excellence:

Becoming a Climate Change Educator

Being able to present The Climate Reality Project's Truth in 10 slide show to one's own faith group, and other groups as required, is central to the Climate Chaplain program. And the good news is that it is very easy. Vice President Al Gore's slides are captivating, and learning the material is straightforward. Begin by going to the Truth in 10 website (click button below) and watching how Al Gore gives this presentation. Then download the slides, and practice personalizing the presentation. One great way to do that is to tell your own climate story as a part of the show. Have a look HERE and see how our Executive Director does that.

Area of Excellence:

Becoming a Protest-Movement Chaplain

Texts and websites to learn all about providing front-line activists with emotional and spiritual support.

Area of Excellence:

Basics of Spiritual and Pastoral Care


Videos, webinars, and study materials covering the basics of spiritual and pastoral care. Although geared toward volunteer hospital and hospice chaplains, virtually all of the material is applicable to becoming a climate chaplain. These resources are in the range of beginner to intermediate, and may not be applicable to experienced clergy or chaplains.