The Board of Directors of the Humanist Chaplaincy of San Diego, Inc. has applied for and received tax-exempt, non-profit status from both the IRS and the State of California. If you would like to donate, please send a check made out to "Humanist Chaplaincy of San Diego, Inc." and mail it to our treasurer at 3047 Degen Drive, Bonita, California, 91902. We will provide you with a receipt. Thank you for your support!


"It is such a privilege to be a chaplain and to help people discover their own, inherent spirituality regardless of religious belief, or lack therof. Being a chaplain in hospital, hospice, and nursing home settings has been my life's calling. What an honor is is to serve the Humanist Chaplaincy and now, the Climate Reality Project".

Rev. Dr. Don Stouder, Executive Director